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Editorial requirements Download (in polish)

Information for Authors

Submission of articles must be original work by the authors, there should be never-before-published or submitted for publication in any other journal.


Language of publication

Articles can be written in Polish and English, with abstracts in both these languages. There is also the possibility of sending two language versions of the same article.


Mode of publication

Please submit articles to:


Please provide the author and the e-mail address for correspondence.

When you receive an editorial article, the author will be sent informing the launch of a publication. Any further arrangements will take place via e-mail.


Procedures for reviewing texts

Texts are double reviewed by journal editors and by an independent external reviewer. The quality of substance will be subject to anonymous review of journal editors.

In deciding whether to accept or reject the editors take into account the following matters:

• Is the subject of the article is consistent with the profile of the journal?

• Are the issues discussed are current and that conducted the analysis
  brings new insights the presented topic?

• Does the analysis is well established in economic theory?

• Is the text makes reference to the recent publication?

• Is the text is written correctly in terms of language?


Editorial requirements Download (in polish)


In the interests of quality and adherence to high ethical standards editorial puts special emphasis on preventing the phenomena "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship". They are a manifestation of misconduct in science and all detected cases will be unmasked, including informing the relevant actors (especially the institutions employing the authors and scientific societies) and document respectively. "Ghostwriting" is that it does not disclose the names of individuals who have a significant contribution to this article and not mention her name in the acknowledgments of a targeted print publication.


"Guest authorship" means the replacement as the author / co-author of the person who had no or negligible took part in the uprising article.


In order to combat these practices editorial asks the authors of articles submitted with a request to include the text of the statement, which revealed will contribute to the creation of individual authors publishing with their affiliation and contribution (information who is the author of the concept, principles, methods, etc. used in the prepare the text of the article), as well as information about the sources of funding of publication. The main responsibility for the accuracy of the data held Author Applicant article.


Gospodarka w praktyce i teorii / Economy in Practice and Theory